Mayors Message

Welcome to our Town!  I hope after you have been here for awhile you too will know what a great Town we have.

It is an absolute honor to be your mayor here in Randolph.  We have around 500 residents that make Randolph their home.  We are a very close knit community that has a great school that makes us proud every year with their athletic and academic abilities. 

I say Randolph is one of the best kept secrets in Utah.  Thanks for picking Randolph to live. I know you will enjoy getting to know the wonderful citizens of our Town.

Mayor Lyn P Weston

Mayor Weston took office in June of 2012. He was appointed to fill the vacancy created when Mayor Winder and his family moved.  He will remain Mayor for the rest of that term, until January of 2014.  Prior to that, he was a member of the Town Council for fifteen years.  

Town Office Phone: 435-793-3185
Town Office Fax:   435-793-3180
Home Phone:  435-793-3224
Cell Phone:   435-881-6561